Logo Holy Family Convent Senior Secondary School, Gohana-Sonepat
Congregation of Holy Family

The congregation was founded on 14th May 1914 by blessed Mariam Thresia the prophetess of Family. She witnessed familial love and communion in her personal life and tried to make the families of the world holy after the model of Holy Family of Nazarath. Sisters of the Congregation of Holy Family are dedicated to strive for the wholeness and holiness in families through schools, hospitals and colleges of higher learning, in the special education and rehabilitation of the deaf and dumb, in care of the aged and dying, disabled and orphaned, in youth organizations, in urban slums and remote tribal villages and in movements for civil rights and communal amity. You being a member of this institution makes you a part of this Holy Family , to be the part of the growth process in which we all travel together inspired by blessed Mariam Thresia the foundress.

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